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Overview of Corporate Compliance and Monitoring Services

With a Corporate Compliance and Monitoring Program (CCMP), ComplyPay can help merchant service providers; credit card processing providers; electronic payments service providers; and their client companies reduce the risk of exposure, along with the resulting legal costs, officer and director liability, and costly loss of business reputation. It is essential that companies doing business in highly regulated industries understand and implement corporate governance, standards, regulations, and guidelines. Working with the ComplyPay will allow your company to:

  • Take advantage of best practices that reinforce and extend the value of your Corporate Compliance and Monitoring Program.
  • Know that the CCMP mechanisms are in place to provide early warning of deviations from corporate governance guidelines and regulations.
  • Expand the company’s culture of trust, and produce measureable results in terms of productivity, employee satisfaction, and company ethics.
  • The implementation of a Corporate Compliance and Monitoring Program created and managed by the ComplyPay will consist of the following:
    1. A review of existing compliance programs including: the audit and review of Company business operations and business practices; an Ethics and Corporate Compliance Risk Assessment; analysis and creation of a customized Corporate Compliance and Monitoring Program; development of a business code of conduct, code of ethics, and disciplinary policy and procedures; analysis and implementation of internal controls; and an alignment of Company policies and procedures relative to risks.
    2. A review of existing monitoring services including: periodic inspection and monitoring online, through onsite visits and via ongoing communication; monitoring of security/privacy systems and policies; and supervision of educational and regulatory training for employees and management personnel.
    3. Scheduled management video conferencing.
    4. Due diligence review and documentation of “Complete Sale Lifecycle.”
    5. Review and configuration of customer support systems.
    6. On-going Corporate Compliance Program auditing and monitoring.